Please don't burn Lubbock down today, I have plans for this weekend

Huge Blast Rips Through Oil storage Depot
Getty Images

For those of you who don't know, there is a notch about Fire Weather Conditions, and that's Extreme Fire Weather conditions. That means regular fire weather conditions but with sour cream and a medium drink.

Actually, it means that not only is stuff dry as heck out there, the wind is going to be insane as well, sometimes over 30 miles an hour. That's enough wind to not only turn an ember into a fire but to blow full on fires all the way across a highway.

It's a very scary thought that one cigarette butt or one spark on a job site could turn Lubbock into a full-on disaster in minutes. Be careful today and watch out for other people too. Call the fire department if you see something brewing. These things could start so quickly that you may think a fire has already been called in, but you might be the first to see it.

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