Yes, it's time for our monthly funnies!

Six comedians will compete this Friday night at World Of Beer. There are three types of competition spread over six rounds. We do one round of straight stand up, four rounds of improv and a roast at the end. In the middle (because comedy is such hard work) we present last months winner. It's a ton of fast-paced comedy that will still get you home before the 10:00 news!

On stage, this week will be Kimothy, J.J. Howell, Mr. Sweat, Cole Headrick, Jerrod Harper and Gary Dorsey (who may or may not have the invisible Mr. Skip with him). Headlining the show will be the reigning champion Chris Rodriquez with your host, the RockShow's own Wes Nessman (that's me).

It's a fun time for all with the comedy starting at nine and no cover. This event is ALWAYS standing room only so arrive early if you want a table.


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