This one is wholesome AF, guys.

Lubbock man Gary Pettit posted an adorable shout-out to a Domino's employee for all of the great pizza he has made him over the years. Gary told 94.5 FMX that he noticed 'Clayton' is always prepping his pizza when he looks at the pizza tracker, and even though he doesn't know him he feels like they're old pals.

"I was just noticing on the tracker that Clayton was always the one preparing my pizza for several years. Just figured I'd make a silly post about it," Gary told us.

It's always nice to get some recognition for your hard work, especially from happy customers. Does anyone out there know Clayton? He works at the location near Texas Tech University and is apparently making the world a better place with his pizza skills. If you happen to know him, we'd love to hook him up with an FMX t-shirt and a couple of tickets to Do Portugal Circus this weekend.

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Foodservice workers have been through hell the past couple of years with the insane influx in deliveries during the pandemic. They deserve all of the high fives you have -- and a little extra good tipping here and there helps them out, too.

If you order delivery this week and you happen to see Clayton's name come up on your Domino's Tracker, maybe throw him a few extra bones. He's doing the Lord's work putting those pies together and making your Saturday nights awesome.

Thanks, Clayton. You rule!

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