Local metal band Tea With Titans will be releasing their new album entitled Brace The Change on Friday, January 28th, and I was lucky enough to get a copy early.

I've been jamming the album in my office the last few days and what has struck me the most so far is Tony Rosas' vocals. They are incredible, especially on the 4th track "Blindsided," which is probably my favorite on the album. It's rumored they may make a music video for it.

I sent my friend, drummer John Macias, a message telling him how much I loved Tony's vocals on the track and asked him to tell me a little bit more about Tony's voice.

"Yeah, if you could believe it, he wasn't really comfortable with the clean singing till recently," said Macias. "I went with him one time to karaoke and he killed it. People were treating him like he was a god when he got off the stage because he is so talented."

I would have to absolutely agree with that. I was shocked by the epic quality of "clean singing" on the album. Like. Wow. Tony is one bad mutha-f***er with a massive range of vocal talent. I can't wait to see what the future holds for him and the band.

I've always thought it was important to support local art and music, but sometimes local artists and musicians suck. This is not that time. These guys are headed to the top if they keep putting out albums like this.

You can find the new Tea With Titans music here on Spotify tomorrow and you can also grab a copy in-store at Ralphs Records. There is also a release party for the album and you can find the details here.

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