"Hug your kids tight," writes Shelby Ray of Lubbock in a recent post to the Operation Crime Watch Lubbock Facebook group, warning about an incident that occurred at her home on Saturday, January 12th, one block away from Waters Elementary School located at 3006 78th Street.

Human trafficking is a growing problem in our community, and it's frightening to think that people are actively searching for victims to abduct in broad daylight. The post to the local group reads as follows:

Hug your kids tight and don’t let them play in front of the windows with the shades up.
This guy saw my kids playing in front of their window and waving hi and then circled the block 3 times.

After, he then decided to get out of his car and approach the window. He tried to talk to the kids and try and lure my daughter to open the front door and go outside with him. She finally went and got her daddy and he was driving away when their dad went to the window. Later footage shows he drives back by not even 5 minutes after their dad closes the shades. Hearing this story come from my 5 year olds mouth and then seeing video footage is CHILLING. I’m only posting this so parents can be on high alert. This is scary behavior and if I can prevent something from happening I WILL!!!
(Police were called and they cannot do anything.)

Lubbock police are unable to do much about this sort of incident unless it escalates or is repeated, so it's up to the citizens to maintain a watchful eye, even if it's not your home neighborhood.

If you're out and about and happen upon a scene that looks suspicious, it's always best to contact law enforcement so that they are aware of the circumstances and can respond appropriately.

See something, say something!

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