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Lubbock has a bad reputation as non-tippers. What a dumb thing to get wrong so consistently. And you do need to tip even if you are not sitting down in a physical restaurant.

The reason I bring this up is because of a question recently asked in one of my favorite Lubbock food groups:

I started Doordashing for the summer, just as something to do since I’m not working this summer. I’m noticing a LOT, like over half, of the orders I get do not include a ‘customer tip’.

Over half? Are you kidding me? Literally half of Lubbock doesn't understand that they need to tip delivery drivers? Delivery drivers are investing their time, their gas, and wear and tear on the car and tires to get your food to you. The least you can do is make it worth their while. And depending on which service you're using, you may be causing yourself tremendous delays by not tipping.

From a local driver:

Drivers make $2-3 per delivery. If you don’t include a tip, then guess what? It takes much longer for a driver to accept your order. Orders are sent out to all drivers in the area of where you ordered from. Whoever accepts it first is who gets to deliver it. The total, including delivery service pay plus tip, is shown on the delivery offer that pops up to each driver. When I see $2 or $3 pop up, I’m not touching it. Somebody else can go through the trouble to deliver that. But when $8 pops up, I’m on it.

As someone who always tips at least 20 percent, I have never waited more than 20 minutes for my food. Makes sense, doesn't it?

I get that delivery is expensive and that there are fees tacked on out the wazoo. In addition to all those fees you pay, the service also charges the restaurant around 30 percent. That kind of double-dipping is obnoxious and the main reason I don't use those services more often. But I don't take that out on the driver. They don't set those fees, and they don't charge those restaurants.

'But if they wanted to get paid more, they'd work another job!' Seriously, if you're thinking that, go sit at the kid's table and let the adults talk.

My hope and my suspicion are that these delivery service companies will be forced to be more competitive not only to their customers, but also to their drivers. With things nearly 100 percent open, I believe they will have to since we're no longer held hostage in our homes. Delivery will once again become a luxury as opposed to 'how else can I possibly get something to eat?' But regardless of your motives for getting delivery, you need to tip your driver.

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