Lubbock has been listed as one of the best cities to visit with your dog in 2019 according to, a leading consumer advocacy organization.

Several factors were used to determine the best cities in the country to visit with dogs. lists these factors which were included in the research: number of dog parks, availability of dog trails, amount of dog-friendly restaurants, options for dog-friendly lodging, nearby dog-friendly beaches, availability of dog daycares, and nearby veterinarians or emergency clinics. Based on this research, we grouped those factors into two different city scores: amenities and outdoor activities.

Overall, the City of Lubbock is ranked 53rd on the list with a "Dog Friendliness Total Score" of 46.11. Scottsdale, AZ tops the list at #1 and has a "Dog Friendliness Total Score" of 70.08..

Data used to compile the list of cities from Trip Advisor and Touropia revealed that Lubbock is one of the best cities in the country for pet-friendly amenities, ranked 27th in that category. What hurt Lubbock in the total score was the low rank for outdoor activities, ranked 69th.

"Our team spent weeks identifying which US cities actually qualify as a tourist destination. After compiling a list of over 567 different cities, our analysis revealed a striking data set, filled with hidden gems across the U.S." says Tyler Epps, researcher for

Epps continued, "Using seven different factors, we wanted the data to extend beyond the availability of vets and lodging to ensure these destinations were as dog-friendly as possible. The aim was to allow for amenities and activities to influence our top picks as much as the necessities. After all, if you’re traveling all this way with your pet, the idea is to make memories with them."

Kelly and Willow
Kelly and Willow

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