If I had a dollar for every time I wished there was a waffle house around these parts, I'd be friggin' rich.

I've never understood why we don't have a Waffle House in Lubbock. It doesn't make sense. We have a huge university full of drunk college students that would love meandering over to Waffle House from a bar and munching down some greasy diner food.

I used to love going there when I lived in Austin. We would leave 6th Street when the bars closed and head straight to Waffle House to cram our faces with hash browns and fried eggs, washing it down with several rounds of coffee before we ended the night.

What? Is Lubbock too good for Waffle House? Do you guys have something against watching someone's sweet, old, badass Aunt Betty cook your favorite breakfast foods right in front of you?

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Waffle House is like a low-key breakfast hibachi restaurant that you can chain smoke cigarettes and wear pajamas in. How on earth does that not work in Lubbock? It sounds right up our alley.

Don't get me wrong, guys. Lubbock's Breakfast House & Grill is delicious, and, of course, everyone loves IHOP, but nothing hits quite as hard as the no-frills-could-have-been-made-by-your-granny style that Waffle House embodies.

It's a super bummer that franchises are not available for purchase to the general public. They are privately-owned within the company, so if you actually wanted to buy one, you'd have to get your foot in the Waffle House door another way first.

Don't tell Wes Nessman, but I'm going to put in an application.

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