We need to save the ABC Rodeo

As my morning show partner found out yesterday, there will be a 2020 ABC Rodeo, but there's a chance it won't even be in Lubbock.

Let's not even get into the idiocy that got us into the situation that saw the ABC Rodeo lose its longtime home, the Lubbock Coliseum.  The ABC Rodeo pretty much HAS to have a home in 2020 or it loses its place on the pro rodeo circuit and loses touch with the donors that help put the event on. On the list of options for the rodeo is moving the 2020 event out of Lubbock for a year.

Are we really going to lose an event that called Lubbock home for 77 years? This event has donated truckloads of money to local charities (primarily the Boys and Girls Clubs) and brought untold tourist dollars and notoriety to the Hub City.

Here's the big question-how does a city that closes down the Loop for an event that drew a total of around 1000 participants, not bend over backward to keep the ABC Rodeo in the Hub City? It seems to me that this city's priorities are WAY out of whack. Now I do realize these are two very different types of events, but it goes a long way towards showing how the city could step up for this very worthwhile event.

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