Have you ever gotten a ticket for weeds in your backyard? Maybe you had the city mow your weeds and then bill you? It kind of seems unfair that you have to pay the price but the city doesn't.

As I hit the north Loop this Sunday morning I couldn't help notice that there were weeds at least two foot high by the road. Yes, I know the city has a lot of weeds to cut. I know it's been a rainy season. The question is, why doesn't the city realize the same when a private homeowner is dealing with the same issues.

Cutting tall weeds is not an easy task and often it can't be tackled with a lawnmower. Sometimes even a string trimmer is a problem for these thick, girthy plants. As any homeowner knows, they seem to pop up overnight as well.

I very much appreciate the city's efforts to keep Lubbock looking good, and that includes ticketing homeowners who neglect their property. I am only hoping that the city will show the same patience with us and we are showing to them right now.

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