I hate to put these guys on blast, I really do.

I certainly respect everyone's right to make a living. Every once in a while I'll even be nice to a telemarketer before I ultimately hang up. I'm all about the hustle and I remember what it's like to just be starting out and figuring out my skillset.

On the other hand, I completely respect everyone's right to privacy. Gone are the days when family or friends would just pop in for a visit and you might actually appreciate them stopping by. Nowadays when someone knocks on your door, the best-case scenario is that UPS or Amazon is letting you know you have a package.

Let's talk about that knock too. First off, I have a doorbell, I kind of find that a little less jarring than a knock on the door. Then there are the "knocks" themselves. There's an "excuse me, but may I bother you for a second?" knock, and then there's the cop knock, also known as the "answer the door or I'll knock it down" knock (no disrespect to my buddies in blue).

Well, we certainly have a crew of door bashers making their way across my neighborhood. They've hit my house at least twice. It apparently doesn't matter to them that I have a sign that says "No Soliciting" or that I have a camera watching them at all times.

This particular crew is selling solar panels, and that sucks. It sucks because it's something I'm genuinely interested in, but unable to act on at this time. It sucks because this product is good for the earth. It also sucks because it gives the whole product a "scammy" feel.

I posted something about this on Facebook and I instantly had feedback that many of my friends had similar experiences. So if you get a "cop knock" on your door, you might want to take a peek out of your window before you get your go-bag and head to Mexico, it may just be solar panel guys (obnoxiously) trying to make a living.

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