Short on cash, but still trying to get litty like a kitty in the Hub City? Well, it looks like today might just be your lucky day.

TikToker @danielleyourfav1 made a video claiming that anyone that posted a TikTok of themselves while they are in Lucky's Roadhouse will get a free shot of Patron.

She probably didn't think that 94.5 FMX would come across this little tidbit of info and share it in an article, so you might want to act on it before the place is overrun with drunk college students looking to score a free drink.

Nightclubs aren't exactly my scene, but I've been known to do some strange things to get free stuff, especially when it comes to tequila. Make a TikTok video? No problem. I just made a new account because my old one was banned. I need some new content. Maybe showing off my horrible dance moves at Lucky's is the ticket to getting all of my followers back. Sigh.

Oh, and since I tipped you off to free booze, I know you won't mind following me, right? I post a lot of content about living in Lubbock and I'd love to share other tips with you. You can find my page on TikTok @chrissyontheradio. Message me and let me know if you got your free shot, or if this was all just a shot in the dark. Happy clubbing!

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