We just don't get four seasons here in the Hub City.

Here in Lubbock, we don't experience a real turning of the leaves or any of that nonsense. Heck, even after one of the worst storms ever, I wouldn't even go so far as to say they we get a real winter. Our summers are also a little weird and seem to start a little early and last a little longer than anywhere else.

All of this leads me to my very scientific conclusion about Lubbock not having spring, summer, fall and winter. Nope. Here in Lubbock, we have three seasons.

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Our three seasons are hot, cold, and brown. That's it. We have the very hot months, which is most of the year, a cold month (or less), and the rest of the time is the Brown season. You all know the Brown season (which sometimes happens twice a year) because it's happening right now.

Think about it: we have perfectly nice 70-degree+ days full of brown dirt in the air.  That's Brown season. It chokes your lungs, dirties your house and fouls your car.

I even made a t-shirt about it.


I will say this year we've had a blessing in disguise. Usually by this time of the year the dust has me all choked up and suffering a bronchial infection, but I've had my masks handy and I put one on when the dust kicks up. You might want to think about that the next time Brown season rears its ugly head.

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Badasses in Facemasks


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