With the Christmas season coming up and more and more people purchasing goods and gifts online the Lubbock Police Department took to Twitter on Friday to remind citizens to stay safe when exchanging things.

While we would all like to trust the person on the other side of that Facebook message, the truth is, there are criminals hoping to rob innocent people of their goods. That is what helped inspire the Lubbock Police Department to come up with exchange zones

According to KAMC, the safe exchange zones were created in August and feature four parking spaces that are well lit and are monitored 24 hours a day.

The Safe Exchange Zones are well-lit and under 24-hour surveillance, giving the public a safe place to purchase or exchange property and to assist citizens with child custody arrangements.

The dedicated spots are marked with signs and blue paint, located at 10th Street and Texas Avenue.

If you are unable to use the Safe Exchange Zone, please remember to keep these safety tips in mind.


  • Use a public parking lot that is well-lit and under surveillance

  • Always bring a friend or family member with you

  • Avoid meeting at your home

  • Avoid nighttime transactions

The safe exchange zones are a good alternative to porch pick-up or meeting in empty parking lots. Meeting someone in person in one of the safe exchange zones also prevents porch pirates from stealing things that you left on your porch.

Stay safe this holiday season when exchanging property.

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