My mailbox is already filling up with the ultimate in junk mail.

I guess some political consultant somewhere decided that a mailbox-sized piece of light cardboard is *exactly* what's needed to reach hearts and minds. For me, it's another piece of garbage that will never be read, acknowledged or pondered.

Anything of that nature in my mailbox that doesn't have coupons for half-priced chili dogs won't even be looked at. All these things are good for is having a stiff piece of paper to light the grill or fireplace.

It's not just that these folks are adding unnecessary trash to the system; it's also that it's just all the same. Nine out of 10 of these mailers are going to be red, white and blue. Around these parts, everyone is going to mention that someone is a "real conservative" or a "true conservative" and that the other guy is not. Seriously, these things are never about ideas, but about proving ideological purity. (Don't get butthurt about the conservative part of this either. I'm sure it would be the same if we got liberal mailers, too.)

I don't know anybody who appreciates this kind of mail. Taking it one step further, I don't know anyone who reads an oversized postcard and says, "oh, he's my guy!" I could see where something like this might be possible if any ideas were ever presented. If I saw a card in my mailbox that read, "Do you want better roads?" then I might take the time to flip it over and see what it's about.

Right now the two leading parties aren't the Republican and Democratic parties. The top two are the "disgusted" and "disenchanted" parties, and both of those exist because we're all tired of the same things being done the same way with no real change. Someone needs to step up the game and they can start by showing us how they won't waste money by not sending this garbage in the mail.

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