Oh man, I wish I could write comedy this well. A very homophobic Lubbock preacher was onhand to protest the Lubbock performance of the band Metalachi.

Here's the problem, Metalachi are about two things: metal and mariachi. I can find NO evidence they've talked about their sexuality at all. I did find a couple of listings where they were presented as an entertainment listing by a couple of gay sites (because everyone loves metal and mariachi), but nothing about gigs for, about, or endorsing the gay community or lifestyle.

I would love to tell you that Metalachi supports the gay community, but I can't even tell you that. These guys aren't on record as being gay, straight, or made of LEGOs. They are only "THE WORLDS FIRST AND ONLY HEAVY METAL MARIACHI BAND."

I was tipped off to this little hissy-fit by an FMX listener. And apparently, this moron spent a perfectly good evening handing out bible tracts to the show attendees (who were no doubt as confused as I am right now).

Here's the problem, pastor...when you get yourself all worked up and Google 'what's gay' all the time, you're skewing your own search results. I realize that you might get a rage boner every time gay pride month comes along and you see it as an opportunity to stock your hate house with more homophobes, but my guess is El Cucuy would slap the bald off of your head for making the band a part of your nonsense.

All of this is proof, once again, that all hate is based on ignorance. Now keep all of this in mind going forward, because this is the same doof who is traditionally a nuisance at Lubbock's gay pride event (most notably when he was served up a hot dose of reality by a Vietnam veteran back in 2017), and he'll probably commit the sin of pride by trying to make some headlines again.

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