I don't know why this preacher doesn't mind to his own business or even minister to the tens of thousands of folks who are suffering on the Texas coast. To him, it's more important to fight with FMX listeners. 

Local pastor Stephen Miller once again went out of his way to interrupt a peaceful event and he was so disruptive, a complaint was lodged and he was eventually followed out by police. In the middle, a local hero from the Vietnam War intervened and laid down the scripture. I offered to buy that man dinner, but since he was going out of town and made a nice donation to his church. Yes, his church. The story was then covered nationally in the Huffington Post.

So anyway, the loudmouth decided to stir things up again and FMX listeners let him have it. Both the religious and the non-religious schooled this guy in the big lesson of "mind your own business." I myself did not respond until late because my personal opinion is that this guy came out of the gate with a whole lotta nonsense.

Well, once again, the FMX listeners pretty much made every point I wanted to make, so I got to put my feet up, grill burgers and enjoy the day. So thanks again, rockers -- this guy has no idea the wars we've fought together and I very much appreciate you having my back. I know we all believe different things, but we can all agree that this man is way out of line.

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