Data collected from WalletHub's Best- and Worst-Run Cities in America was used by Stacker to rank the top 50 worst-run cities, and guess what? Lubbock, Texas made it on the list. Are you surprised?


Before you proceed, take a little guess on where you think we might fall among the other 50. High or low? Either way, we're still on there...

The ranking is based on overall operating efficiency, quality of services, and the total budget per capita. Some of the different factors that weighed in on the rank include education, health, safety, economy, financial stability, pollution, and infrastructure.

So, here's what they had to say about Lubbock:

Lubbock, Texas ranks at #43 in the list of the top 50 worst-run cities in America. Our health and safety ranked among the lowest when compared to other U.S. cities. Our environmental health as well as the food safety in our local restaurants were also both mentioned with great concern compared to the rest of America.

Not good.

So, who ranked as the #1 worst-run city in America?

San Francisco, California has us beat by a long shot. They came in first, followed by Chattanooga, Tennessee, and New York, New York.

What's worse? Lubbock, Texas was the only Texas city mentioned. That's pretty dang embarrassing, y'all. Lord have mercy...

What do you think about the rank? I'd love to hear from you. How do you think Lubbock could improve? Feel free to drop a comment below this article wherever you find it, or reach out to me at if you'd like to share some of your ideas on ways to make Lubbock a better place for us all.

You can find the entire top 50 rank by clicking here.

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