There's actually a couple of categories that we scored high in.

Lubbock came in at 119 on the Most Sinful Cities list.  Cities were ranked with expanded versions of "The 7 Deadly Sins". For instance "Vanity" was broke out as the number of Tanning Salons, Beauty Salons and searches for plastic surgery.  All in all 37 indicators were applied to 180 cities by the folks at Wallethub.

Las Vegas did earn its reputation as "Sin City" by coming in at number one on the survey.

Lubbock scored in the mid 30's in "Anger & Hatred" and in "Excesses & Vices". Lubbock was also singled out as one of the bottom three towns with "Adult Establishments Per Capita".

The map below shows your sin "hot spots" with the darker the color, the more the sin!


Source: WalletHub

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