Let me shorthand this for you: Anywhere near The Loop. Yeah, apparently The Loop is a giant ring of death.

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Houston Attorney Brian White (who we really hope calls himself "The White Stuff Attorney") compiled a list of the top 279 most dangerous intersections in Texas.

Here's how he did it:

We combined, cleaned and parsed the raw DoT data and identified 279 Texas intersections where 48 or more collisions occurred between 2012 and 2015. From that list, we calculated a Danger Score using the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities at each intersection.

Now, let's start by saying STAY THE HELL OUT OF HOUSTON AND SAN ANTONIO. Those two cities take up a combined 15 of the top 16 spots (Webster is in there, too).

As for Lubbock, your best chances of a wreck are intersections near The Loop or near Marsha Sharp. Now that you have the meat and potatoes of the list, let's get to the actual gravy.

Landing at number 17 on the list and Lubbock's most dangerous intersection according to this data is Loop 289 and Slide Road. Hold on, though -- Lubbock is well represented here (even though it would be better if we weren't represented at all).

At number 21 is Loop 289 and Marsha Sharp. At no. 28 it's Loop 289 and Quaker. At no. 34 it's Loop 289 and University. We break the chain a bit with 50th and Slide coming in at no. 37. At no.  42, it's back to the Loop, this time at Indiana.  At no. 45, it's The Loop and 19th. At this point, I hope you're skipping The Loop as a destination.

Lubbock has no shortage of other intersections on this list, too: 50th and University, 4th and Frankford, 50th and Quaker, Marsha Sharp and University, 82nd and Frankford, University and 4th, 19th and Quaker, 34th and University, 19th and University, 82nd and Milwaukee, 19th and Slide, 4th and Slide, 50th and the Loop, 4th and Indiana, Frankford and the Loop, 34th and Indiana, 19th and Q, Marsha Sharp and Slide and Marsha Sharp and Q all making the list (pretty much in that order).

So there you go. Out of 279 dangerous intersections in Texas, Lubbock has 26 of them. Seems pretty dang disproportionate to me.

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