You've probably already seen Lawn Pro's coronavirus-inspired makeover. If not, it's right above.

In the sprit of Easter, and the ongoing push for Lubbock citizens to practice social distancing and only leave their homes for essential items, Tracy Moreno and the gang at Lawn Pros have further decorated the iconic bush.

Check out the Easter-inspired smiling bush, complete with little eggs wearing surgical masks, below.

Tracy Moreno, Lawn Pros
Tracy Moreno, Lawn Pros

They're all practicing protective measures against the novel coronanvirus. We approve.

Nice work, guys.

Everyone needs to be hypervigilant this month so we can help flatten the curve.

The CDC is asking everyone to keep at least six feet apart from everyone (if you absolutely have to be out of your home), keep away from people who are obviously sick (coughing and sneezing), disinfect hard surfaces in your home daily, and wash your hands really well.

There's even some precautions you can take when you go grocery shopping.

And if you know someone who's working on the frontlines during this pandemic and want to get them some much-deserved recognition, let us know here.

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