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You may or may not have heard Wes and I saluting our local heroes working to fight on the frontlines against COVID-19 here on the South Plains.

We highlight a group, by doing a radio shout-out, which airs during the day on 94.5 FMX. We know these groups of people are making sacrifices away from home and risking their own lives to protect ours, so it's important to us that they know we appreciate what they are doing for our community.

UMC COVID-19 Drive Thru Screening Squad

We understand that there are many who are unable to listen to the radio all-day or may miss when we recognize their hard work just because of timing, so we wanted to step up our game since we know they are ramping up theirs as well.

In addition to recognizing whole groups, such as local nurses, doctors, teachers and the like, we want to help encourage those hard-working individuals who are making personal sacrifices so that the rest of us can be well.

UMC COVID-19 Drive Thru Screening

If you or someone you know would like to recognize a local professional working to fight or support the fighters of COVID-19 we want to turn them into a Rock Star and give them a shout-out online so that they are sure to see it and their family and friends can see how important they are to us at FMX.

Coronavirus Facts From the World Health Organization