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We are recognizing outstanding men and women in our community who deserve to be treated like a Local Rock Star for their contributions toward making the world a little better and safer.

Being a first responder is a challenging career no matter what the specific line of duty. First responders have been called to serve on the frontline to respond to and help in the fight against COVID-19.

Meet Kelly Garrett

Kelly was nominated by his wife, Becky, to be recognized as a Local Rock Star.

Of course, it was a sweet gesture for Becky to nominate her husband. We have received many submissions for potential Local Rock Star candidates nominated by their spouse or significant other. However, Kelly isn't your ordinary husband or your ordinary medical professional.

Kelly is a Flight Nurse for AeroCare IV based in Seminole, Texas, according to his wife, who refers to her husband as a "frontline hero," which is putting it mildly.

Becky Garrett
Becky Garrett

According to Becky, Kelly received a life-saving kidney transplant in 2014, which left his immune system compromised since he takes anti-rejection drugs and will have to do so for the remainder of his life. Becky says that if Kelly were to contract COVID-19, he would likely not survive.

Becky Garrett
Becky Garrett

Though he knows the risks to his own life, Kelly Garrett still proudly wears his flight suit, climbs into "that big, red helicopter to rush to the aid of his next patient," says Becky. She goes on to say that Kelly knows that this job "is what God has called him to do."

Kelly, We Salute You! YOU are a Rock Star!

The emotional strength it takes to be a nurse is enormous, especially for the nurses working in ambulatory services. The nurses in emergency medical services transporting patients are at higher risk of injury or exposure to viruses than nurses working in medical facilities.

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