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We believe that it's important to recognize our local heroes who are in the hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, and other essential places of business, working to fight COVID-19 and keep us all safe.

The world could use more positive vibes. What better way to raise the roof of positivity than to praise and encourage those essential workers who are making sacrifices for the greater good?

Meet Clifton Parker

Clifton is a registered nurse serving our community at Grace Clinic, where he normally works in the surgical department. Since many surgeries have been deemed non-essential, the surgical department was closed to focus on the COVID-19 crisis.

Keeping patients and faculty safe became a role that didn't necessarily fit into Clifton's job description before the coronavirus pandemic, but it's one he now solidly plays with grace, at Grace.

Clifton Parker via Lindsey Parker

Clifton jumped into action after the surgical department was shut down and created a process to screen and check-in patients at the facility.

To keep staff busy, Clifton designed a rotating schedule assigning a member of the surgical team to a door at which people are being screened before being allowed entry. This not only ensures that anyone who enters the building has been screened, but that the staff is still able to maintain working hours and pay.

Clifton Parker via Facebook

When we say front-line defender against COVID-19, nobody is further in front than Clifton and people like him who are potentially staring this deadly virus in the face every time someone walks up to the doorway. He sacrifices his time from his wife and daughter to risk exposing himself, and also them, to the virus.

Clifton, We Salute You! YOU are a Rock Star!

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