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Take a good look at the face you see. If you ever wanted to look into the eyes of an angel, you're doing it now.

The coronavirus pandemic may not be affecting our area as much as some predictions indicated when the first cases were reported in Lubbock. However, it's most certainly continuing to take its toll on other parts of our country, especially in New York City, where some of our local nurses have volunteered to travel in order to add to the army of medical professionals who are fighting against COVID-19.

In our best effort to support and encourage the people working to keep our neighbors and community alive, we have been recognizing individuals who should be celebrated and treated like a Local Rock Star.

Meet Darby Williams

I do not personally know Darby, but I cannot wait to meet this local nurse who has volunteered to be a front-line soldier in one of the largest battles our nation has ever fought.

Darby was nominated by another Local Rock Star, and after reading the Facebook updates she shares about her experience in New York City, I understand why she should be recognized as a Local Rock Star.

First of all, anyone who signs up to serve on behalf of others is a world-class trooper. Our country is full of brave souls who enlist in the military, but even in the armed forces, the most critical personnel you'll find is the medic.

Darby may not have signed up to wear stars and bars, but whether she knows it or not, hers is the heart of a real American hero, and saving lives is a big darn deal under normal circumstances. It's nothing short of miraculous in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

Darby Williams via Facebook
Darby Williams via Facebook

Second, from what I have surmised by stalking her Facebook profile, Darby is also one fun individual who, in spite of being in the midst of the most devastating and emotional environment, can still manage to find something to smile about and share a laugh with others.

I most appreciate that she's honest about the ups and downs weighing on the medical professionals emotionally. The fight against this virus is real, and the full impact yet to be discovered. It's my hope that our country will evolve to have a much higher appreciation for the men and women who are taking care of the most vulnerable in society.

Talk about Local Rock Star! This mighty medical professional should be canonized when her last shift on earth is finished. (If you don't know what it means to be canonized, it's what we Catholics like to do when we declare someone to be a saint.)

Darby, We Salute You! YOU are a Rock Star!

Darby, I hope this small gesture will keep your spirit filled with hope while you're away from home and in such a challenging place. You're an inspiration to our community, and we cannot wait to welcome you home to give you the proper recognition you deserve.

'Thank you' is simply not enough to express how grateful we are that the people of New York City have a Texas angel amongst them.

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