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We are recognizing the individuals who are working during a time that history will not soon forget. These individuals are risking their lives and making sacrifices to serve our community, and we think that they deserve to be treated like Local Rock Stars for all that they are doing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Businesses such as hospitals, grocery stores, and restaurants are some that many people recognize as essential during the coronavirus pandemic, but most forget that senior living or assisted living facilities are also essential businesses and the staff who work at those facilities are essential employees.

Meet Drake Minzer

Drake is "sacrificing his time and his family to make sure the residents are fed and safe," said Jennifer Keen, who asked that he be recognized as a Local Rock Star for the work he does as Director of Dining at Brookdale Monterey Senior Living community, located near Monterey High School.

Jennifer went on to say that Drake works to "make sure the residents are eating healthy and stay safe and keep a normal as possible atmosphere in this pandemic. I love you!"

Drake Minzer via Jennifer Keen
Drake Minzer via Jennifer Keen

We love you too, Drake, for the sacrifices you are making to keep our seniors nourished and healthy. That's what makes you a Local Rock Star.

Drake, We Salute You! YOU are a Rock Star!

For more information on the dining services at Brookdale Monterey, click here.

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