This holiday season, many of us will miss the normal hugs and kisses from our friends and family due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are men and women in the armed forces that miss their friends and family year after year, pandemic or not.

One person missing their family this season is Lubbock native Technical Sergeant Belen Rico. In a video from the U.S. military, she sends warm wishes of love to family and friends back home that she will not be able to share Christmas with.

This short video is touching because she introduces her "family in South Korea," which consists of four other servicemen standing behind her. Even though she's far away from home this year, it's evident that she has found a family abroad as well.

When we celebrate this holiday season, likely more isolated than usual from the people in our lives that we love, don't forget the men and women that work hard every day to keep this ship from sinking. We may feel alone this year, but we're hanging out in jammies cramming popcorn in our pie holes. Some people are tirelessly working around the clock to protect us and won't be enjoying the small luxuries we take for granted.

The least we can do right now is put on our masks, get vaccinated (when possible), and help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus so that the heroes of our country can come home to a safe environment.

Happy Holidays from 94.5 FMX, Technical Sergeant Belen Rico. Thanks for being a total badass!

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