USA Today published a list of the top cities for auto theft in every state, and uh, Welcome to Lubbock.

I knew Lubbock wasn't immune to the hazards of living in the big city, but I never imagined we'd make another worst of list.

Some 1,630 vehicles were jacked in 2017, with Ford Pickups being the most likely target.

The report by 247/Wallstreet was written based on figures from the National Insurance Institute, so offhand, I'd say we have a problem.

From the USA Today story:


• Metro area with most car thefts: Lubbock
• Vehicle theft rate: 514.2 per 100,000 residents
• Total vehicles stolen in 2017: 1,630
• Most stolen car in Texas: Ford Pickup (Full Size)

Careful if you visit our friends to the west, too, as Albuquerque tops the list for New Mexico. The only difference is, they prefer Chevy pickups.