This is what happens when conspiracy theories go mainstream.

I hate to acknowledge his kind of thing at all, but it's going to cost us, taxpayers, money.  Everything Lubbock reported on a lawsuit trying to halt Lubbock from using electronic voting machines. Why?

Why indeed? Lubbock is one of the most conservative places in America. We know how people are going to vote and there's NO REASON to suspect any malfeasance in the past, present, or future (part of this lawsuit even wants to go back and check previous results). So you're going to tell me with a straight face, that Lubbock, Texas is going to be the ONE place where voting machines were targeted and votes were changed? That makes ZERO sense.

I was able to peep the profile of one of the five people who filed the lawsuit and let me just say, "yup". I don't even have to describe the profile and you know the person is one of "those". Let me also say that the person could run around flapping their arms with a chicken feather hanging out of their rear and it would not increase the craziness of their profile.

Now my assessment of the people filing the suit is very pertinent. It's just crazy to me that people in the U.S. can make wild accusations like this with little to no repercussions. I think that this should be settled the Vegas way and that these people should have to put up a bond and once (or if, if you prefer) their allegations are proven wrong, they forfeit that cash.

This is just a garbage lawsuit with no positive outcome.

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