Lubbock, please quit embarrassing yourself. Do you really want to live up to the stereotype that you're rude, cheap, and uncultured?

Tip your server. Every time. 20 percent is standard. Got great service? Tip even better. Got terrible service? Let the manager on duty know, then tip at least 10 percent. I'm not kidding.

Servers make $2.13 an hour, most of which goes to pay their taxes. They frequently get checks for only a few dollars for two weeks worth of pay. They rely completely on tips to pay bills, live and eat. A $5 tip on your $80 check isn't going to cut it, and it also makes you look like a major redneck when you pull that stunt.

Don't believe in tipping? Order your food to-go and pick it up yourself. Yes, you have to tip delivery drivers, too.

Can't afford the tip? Then you couldn't afford the meal.

Being waited on is a service. When you don't tip, you are STEALING that service. You are wasting your waitstaff's time, energy and you are taking up a table and time that could have gone to a person who isn't a total loser.

Are you part of a group that servers seem to treat differently? Yes, I am talking about the after-church crowd. No one likes to work Sunday lunch shifts. Not because they don't like people who go to church, they just don't like getting stiffed. Which is highly typical. Want to change how servers treat you? Defy the stereotype. Tip 20 percent, at least.

I'm also talking about young parents with little kids. Your goblins make enormous messes, and you have the gall to tip $2? I know having small kids is overwhelming and expensive, but again, if you can't afford the tip, you couldn't afford the meal, either. And that server may be trying to feed their kids, too.

Did I make you mad? Then you don't tip. And I'm not sorry.

These opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Townsquare Media, its affiliates or advertisers. But, yes, if you don't tip, I AM JUDGING YOU.

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