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Lee's Cafe on 34th Street is set to move and combine forces with Royal Seafood Shack in 2021 at the Hub Shopping Center (7320 Milwaukee Ave). The current location will close in November, according to KLBK's Kelsee Pitman and the signs we saw hanging at the future spot.

Lee's Cafe is absolutely incredible southern home cooking. The chicken fried chicken with golden gravy is the best fried thing in Lubbock, and that's saying a lot for a city that loves to eat. Every side dish is worthy of its own meal -- from the rich broccoli rice casserole, to traditional black-eyed peas or greens.

In other words, if for some reason I'm ever exiled out of Lubbock, I want my last meal at Lee's Cafe. It's unique, special and just really, really good.

I'm looking forward to their new location, and they have my heartiest congratulations on their success. They absolutely deserve it.

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