When it comes to epic events, the FMX Kite Fly and Frisbee Fling is hard to compete with.

The FMX/Buffalo Beano Kite Fly and Frisbee Fling was the brainchild of Gary King, the owner of Buffalo Beanos. At this point, we need to take a step back and explain to the kids what Buffalo Beanos was. Today you would call Buffalo Beanos a head or smoke shop. Back in the day you couldn't say that or you'd be escorted out of the place. You see, Buffallo Beanos was constantly fighting with local officials over their selection of "tobacco pipes" which looked exactly like what you'd call a bong now.

In addition to the "smoking accessories" was a selection of kites, skateboarding, wall coverings, and hipster items like hacky-sacks. Somehow this all led up to an annual event with FMX that was part competition and part insane drunken rampage in the park.

I have to give it up for the people who took the event seriously and competed in events like "highest flying kite" or even the kite duels. We also had a lot of families come out to watch the Frisbee catching dogs.

On the other hand, a lot, and I mean a lot of people were drunk and/or stoned out of their minds. I still have a mental picture of a guy curled up inside a really large speaker passed out, while the speaker was blasting at full volume.

We have tried recreating the magic of the Kite Fly and Frisbee Fling a number of times, but the activities just do not have the appeal they once had (in fairness, Lubbock still has a large Frisbee community, but they're into different types of events).

As far as good times and old school fun go, The FMX/Buffalo Beano Kite Fly and Frisbee Fling was certainly one of Lubbock's Best Things Ever.

*Also note, you probably the FMX backdrop above in dozens of pictures with everyone from Dimebag to Eddie Guerrero in front of it. I zoomed out so that you could see it's our actual man-lifting/battle kite from the Kite Fly.


Tornado and Wall Cloud Pictures From Monday, May 17th, 2021


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