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A culinary co-op is opening soon in Lubbock, providing a shared space for chefs, cooks and folks wanting to learn the art of cooking. Its an elegant solution to share resources, equipment and space when most of us don't have immediate access to a commercial kitchen.

Culinary Co-op will celebrate their Grand Opening at 5044 Frankford the weekend of June 18th through the 20th. From their website:

We offer hands-on cooking classes, "watch and learn" sessions with some of the best chefs in the U.S., and we also offer kitchen rentals so that growing culinary entrepreneurs can have access to the best kitchen equipment while they grow their business.

This idea presses all my best buttons. I'd personally love access to a gas stove and more than a scant amount of counter space. It's a smart way for food trucks and caterers to save money, as they would naturally use the kitchens at different times. It gives folks who would otherwise not have a chance an opportunity to work toward their dreams. And having a facility in which classes can be taught is an asset to our community. I absolutely love this for Lubbock. And their mission statement is just the best:

Culinary Co-Op is a platform for chefs, cooks, and food enthusiasts to come together in an environment in which they can thrive and create without judgement. Our diversity is our strength, as our participants are able to grow their culinary skills while sharing ideas with other food enthusiasts from various cultures, backgrounds, and walks of life. This helps each of our members to expand their knowledge and gain culinary insights they might not receive anywhere else.

I wish Culinary Co-op runaway success. Thank you for bringing this to Lubbock.

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