We all love a good vending machine. There's always something fun you can pick out and get. Well, Lubbock now has its very first art vending machine that's bringing small business and artists' products to customers in a fun, new way that we have never seen before.

It's called The Little Crow’s Market and it was started by Sam Gaitan. Their first box is located in the lobby of The Brand Tattoo Shop, with a second location coming very soon.

Each market box contains 16 local artists' art and products, as well as a fun array of different items and mystery packs. As of right now they only accept cash only in $1s and $5s, with everything in the machine being $20 and under and small enough to fit in the vending machine slots.

Sam's goal is to provide a way to support and help our local artists get out there and provide a permanent spot for their products.

So how does it work? You find it, pick it and open it!

The Little Crow's Market Facebook
The Little Crow's Market via Facebook

If you're an artist who wants to have your art displayed, it's free to do, but you have to pay the cost of electricity. They take care of everything else, from maintenance to restocks and payouts.

Their first location is open from 12 to 9 p.m. most days at 4412 50th Street in Lubbock. They have a second location coming very soon to Tumbleweed & Sage Coffee House located at 610 Donald Preston Drive in Wolfforth. You can head over to The Little Crow's Market's official website to learn more about what they do.

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