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There are so many different forms of art out there that it’s hard to keep track of each one. You have the classics like painting, drawing, and sculpting, but you also have more resent and unique ones that use interesting media.

Many of these newer artforms get extremely creative by using things like food to create stunning artwork. You’ve probably seen people sculpt with chocolate, or make pictures with pancake batter, but have you seen rice art?

Not only is this a time-consuming and tedious form of art, but it is also only temporary. Once the rice has been places to look like whatever you’re aiming for, most rice artists then toss the rice up in the air, suspending the image upright for a moment, before is crashes down and becomes unrecognizable.

There is a Texas rice artist with three million followers who has mastered this skill. She creates detailed images out of rice she colors herself and then posts slow-motion videos of the final products being tossed in the air.

She’s done everything from emojis to video game characters, and it is crazy how much attention to detail is put into each piece.

Along with all of her successful videos showing off her artwork, she also occasionally shares some mishaps that happen. When working with any form of art, there are many ways you can mess up or even ruin a piece you’ve been working on for ages. Unfortunately, it’s just a part of the creative process. As frustrating as mistakes are in the moment, it is helpful to see other artists make mistakes because we are all human, and mistakes happen.

Keep scrolling to see some of her videos, or you can visit her TikTok page to see all of them.

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