Time to Enjoy Some Local art and Venues!
Friday, April 7th brings us another First Friday Art Trail to the Depot District.
This time around we have the following exhibits – From FFAT.ORG:
“Fine Arts Gallery
Borrowers, an exhibition presented by the Art League of West Texas Foundation...
‘Nasty Women’ Exhibit Happens Tonight
Now, before you get all weird on me let me tell you, this exhibit is part of a growing national trend of women who are speaking up through their art to all the threats of reversing many of their rights.
A Work Of Art In Someone’s Eyes [VIDEO]
Sometimes, I come across things that make me stop and say, "really, bro what were you thinking?!" Dont know what I'm talking about? Check out Or, go to your local mall and hang out for a little while and you will see what I'm talking about.