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On Thursday, June 18th, the City of Lubbock Health Department released a list of businesses that are known to be potential COVID-19 exposure sites within Lubbock County.

The list of businesses included a number of my favorite watering holes, such as Gator's Bayou. Knowing that they would likely be closed for a couple of days, I went to their Facebook page Friday morning and was happy to find that the Cajun grill and bar had addressed the concerns online with their patrons.

The impact of the recent increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases seems to be stretching throughout the entire community.

It's my hope that the spread will begin to level off and slow once people get used to the idea that this virus isn't going anywhere. It will take personal responsibility to make sure that we protect our most beloved businesses from ruin during these difficult times.

Be sure to enjoy your favorite watering hole this weekend, and while you're there be sure to do your part to make sure that the staff and other patrons can enjoy the same without worrying if you're the type of human who will look out for the community, or the type who only looks out for themselves.

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