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Lubbock's Jazz, A Louisiana Kitchen (3703 19th Street) recently took down every single wall dollar left by generations of patrons.

Over the years, the restaurant accumulated thousands of dollar bills with messages written on them. Everything from Greek organizations, to love letter, to drunken ramblings, to odes to the dearly departed were left over many years, stapled to the walls of this iconic Lubbock institution.

Jazz did an incredible thing recently. They painstakingly removed every single dollar so that each one could be divided up and distributed to their staff. The restaurant's staff, like many others, took major financial hits during the COVID-19 shutdown. This was an incredibly generous way to support their staff.

It was also a fun contest to see who could come closest to the actual amount of dollars on the wall.

It was....get this...6,425 dollars!

The winner of the contest was Crystal Hernandez, who came within $9 of the correct answer. She's probably a genius, and I'm a little jealous of the $100 gift card she won. But I was embarrassingly under because I'm basically terrible with numbers.

Jazz is open for patrons and ready for a whole new wall of dollars, so be sure to bring a single with you and make your (new) mark on Jazz.

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