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You've probably already noticed, and I sure have, that there's already an epic butt-ton of moths around Lubbock.

I had some fly out of a bag of kitty litter. Why were they in there? Not to mention all the of those dusty dudes that have run into my face while I'm sitting on the porch.

We had a mild winter, so more moth eggs survived. Or it's just another plague. I'm not an entomologist or biblical scholar. I do, however, have eyes and have seen so many. I imagine it'll only get worse before it gets better, and it does seem like every year, some bug gets its "turn" to go bananas. Last year, my house got infested with beetles.

Luckily, moths are totally harmless outside, and unless you leave them totally unchecked inside, your clothes should be safe as well. It's just deeply unpleasant when they get in your hair.

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