Lubbock-Con, Lubbock's longest-running comic convention, has made major announcements lately. Most importantly, they are returning February 24th & 25th, 2024!

Get ready for another year of a Civic Center full of more community content, panels, organizations, shows, artists, vendors, cosplays, activities, games, free kids area, and so much more. And not to mention, some amazing special guests!

Last year saw Lubbock-Con's return after a COVID hiatus that lasted from 2021-2022. It was a huge relief to me as a big fan of Lubbock area conventions. I love the celebration of pop culture- from dressing up to meeting actors and picking up amazing fan art, and more. Each Lubbock convention has its own fantastic personality and vibe, but Lubbock-Con truly is special.

Lubbock-Con is unlike other cons in that it is a non-profit venture. Because of this, they make every effort to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. The free kids area is a primary example of this. Lubbock-Con has historically also offered sensory-friendly areas for folks who find themselves a little overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the con environment. Ticket prices are typically lower than for-profit cons, and this year a discounted weekend pass will be available too.

Hub City Comic Con 2019
Justin Massoud, Townsquare Media Lubbock

Lubbock-Con was created by and continues to be operated by local Lubbock pop culture enthusiasts. It is a celebration of all things pop culture including comic books, movies, anime, video games, tabletop gaming and so much more.

To keep up with special guest announcements and other exciting news, be sure to follow Lubbock-Con on Facebook.

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