Lubbock's Tacos & Tequila Music Fest has brought several bands and an obscene amount of margaritas to the Hub City for the past two years. Both festivals proved to be epic. Some of Lubbock's best food trucks kept us fed while we totally drank responsibly (or got an uber) and sang along with our favorites.

2021 was an homage to the best of 90s rock, particularly for this area, with headliners Collective Soul, Texas favorite and oh-so-Southern Gothic The Toadies, and crowd favorites Bowling for Soup. They were all really beloved bands for this area, and it was wonderful to see them all together on one night.

2022 was the year of THE HEADLINER, and what a headliner it was- Incubus, a band that Lubbock people love, but had never graced our city before. Support from Third Eye Blind was nothing to blink at either (see what I did there) and performances from Bad Flower and Paris Jackson rounded out an entertaining evening that had something for everyone.

Now, Tacos & Tequila has made a major (and tantalizing) announcement...

Tacos and Tequlia
Tacos and Tequlia

... the date for Tacos & Tequila 2024 is September 7th, 2024!

Now, this might seem like not like that major of an announcement, but it IS as it offers us a major clue as to who the act(s) could be. Let the internet sleuthing begin! One of my first thoughts was "..could it be Green Day?" but they have a show that night in Colorado.

It could be bands near the end of their 2024 tour, it could be bands coming off a big city festival or it could even be a total outlier that's doing a pop-up date in Lubbock. Time will tell, but it's fun to speculate in the meantime. I have so much Googling to do now. 

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