There is nothing wrong with wanting Lubbock to be better.

Every time we point out what we think is a flaw in Lubbock, we are attacked by keyboard warriors saying, "If you don't like it, move", or more accurately:


How about this? If you don't like someone's opinion, move on, or move out of the way. There is no progress until someone points out something that is not working. It is completely backward and asinine to think that the only solution to a messed-up situation is to ignore it and/or move on.

If your child gets bad grades do you just tell them to quit that class and go to another one? If your mower isn't cutting the grass correctly, do you throw it away or just adjust the wheels? How imbecilic. People who want to fix things, and people who don't want to fix things deserve to be heard without being told such an ignorant thing as, "If you don't like it, move".

This type of attitude has resulted in some people moving, which sucks. Every year tens of thousands of college students decide that they don't like it here and they move on, draining our community of brainpower and economic activity. How about all that Lubbock music we love to brag about? Most of it "moved" to Austin and elsewhere because no one was improving the scene around here.

I'm happy to be among the weirdos who have pushed for change in Lubbock. I'm invested in the community and I put my blood, sweat, and cold hard cash on the line to make the place a little more livable for myself and my friends (something I know the keyboard warriors do not do).  I believe in the artists, outlaws, weirdos, and others who dream bigger than what we live with now.

Once upon a time, people wanted a college here. Once upon a time, people wanted to be able to buy stuff on Sundays. Once upon a time, people wanted alcohol in town. Once upon a time, people wanted a rock radio station here. Each of these times the people were told "If you don't like it (or the way it is), then move". I'll say it again, if you don't like us trying to make Lubbock a better place to live, then move...outta the way, because we're not going to stop.

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