An unusually large and majestic "Founder's Tree" was recently killed and hacked down for being "too big" in Kerrville, Texas. The tree, in spite of being centuries old, was healthy and posed no risk to anyone. But because it was on private property, the city of Kerrville did not have a say in the famous tree's destruction.

The tree was taken down on Saturday, August 5, by the Cailloux Foundation, according to a Kerr County Lead report. A worker told the news outlet the tree was being taken down because "it's too big."

You can see a heart-breakingly beautiful photo of the tree here.

"Founder's Tree" was even older than the town itself. The destruction of the tree left many residents understandably upset.

“A living part of our community’s history was killed today.”

The property on which the tree lived has been for sale, and there is some indication a hotel may be interested in building there. It is a shame that the property owners, and whoever may be buying the property, didn't see the immense value of the tree for its beauty, its history, and its shade.

Strangely, the Cailloux Foundation is a charitable organization that supports a variety of worthy causes, which leads one to scratch their head as to why this foundation wouldn't consider the optics of cutting down a healthy and beloved tree. It doesn't seem exactly helpful or charitable, but as they have not released a statement about this incident, no one knows why it had to happen other than the worker's strange "too big" comment.

Large, established, and beautiful trees are a treasure in many parts of Texas. Here's hoping we are able to protect more of them in the future.

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