A man in Albuquerque has had a recent issue with someone pooping on his house. Not once, but 4 times! And his reaction is awesome.

He has security cameras outside his house and has the young, slim, blonde, possibly kinda hot, woman jogging by on weekend mornings. Before she gets past his house she turns a corner, drops her shorts, poops, pulls them up again and runs off. No wipey, no nothing. I can't poop that quickly, ever! How does she do that? And how does she keep jogging without the proper hygiene? I mean jogging=sweat, sweat=swamp ass. So add an un-cleansed starfish and you have a recipe for disaster.

In this video interview with his local news he says the most awesome thing ever! He calls this "malicious fecal distribution". Which is, in my humble opinion, an awesome band name! Its also funny when the nightly news tries to show the "evidence" that she left behind, but still has to blur it. Watch this and share it with your friends now!