You may have heard some of us talk of our friend who worked this past year at the Full Throttle Saloon. You've probably seen Lynn Day or his sculptures (most notably his Dimebag) at some of our concerts. He also appears with the RockShow as "Nubbin's the Clown" and as "Lucious" and other characters at Nightmare on 19th Street. This year his sculpture was the real star of the t.v. show "Full Throttle". More after the jump.


This years edition of Full Throttle showed about three minutes of Lynn building and watching his behemoth statue being mounted.  The statue was then featured over and over and over again in subsequent episodes.  Lynn himself was shown a few more times enjoying the after hours tomfoolery at the Full Throttle.

Finally, the folks at TruTV have release as slightly longer clip of Lynn on the build and watching the statue being put up.  Check it out now and tell us this isn't one million times cooler than the stuff they've put up around town!

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