I think this may be the all-time dumbest title for a blog, but it's pretty much a summation of what I'm about to lay down here. 

Blackened Recordings
Blackened Recordings

I noticed an interesting, but not unexpected, phenomenon. It's the 'I don't care that you're happy a big show is coming to town, mostly because it's taking attention away from me' Facebook status.

Frankly, I'm a bit embarrassed. I don't recall that many people being so petty when Garth Brooks came to town.

It seems that some people have become so narcissistic that they just can't stand to be out of the spotlight for a minute. Even their friend's joy at something fun that is happening in their life somehow pisses in their personal oatmeal.

Metallica coming to Lubbock, like Garth, is a big deal. Our arena is undersized and most huge acts don't play cities the size of Lubbock. Metallica could have just as easily booked two nights in Dallas and it would have been a much more profitable venture for them. YES, they are playing Lubbock for the Lubbock fans. If they just wanted to scoop up money, they could have just doubled back and hit another large market again. It's a big deal.

I'm sorry if you can't be happy for your friends who are happy. I don't know if Lars stole your girlfriend or you got your ass kicked in high school by a guy in a Metallica beanie. This show is a moment of joy for a lot of people; let them have it.

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