If you aren't familiar with the term 'hotpot', it's a cooking method that originated in China, that allows restaurant guests to cook their own food, right at their table. There is basically a pot of soup stock that stays simmering in the center of the table, and various plates of meat and vegetables to choose from to cook for yourself. It's a fun way to spend the evening out with your family and friends enjoying food from a different culture.

So, where can you find hotpot in Lubbock?

I honestly thought that Yamagata Japanese Steak House was the only place to go for this kind of meal. They serve Shabu-shabu, which is the Japanese version of hotpot. But, after asking my friends, I learned that Yuyo Japanese Restaurant and Seoul Korean Cuisine also offer it. Good to know.

I still think we need more! It's just a different kind of dining experience, and we are definitely missing out. I'm constantly seeing videos on the internet of people all over the world gathering around a simmering pot in a restaurant and cooking their food exactly the way they like it.

I haven't been to Yamagata yet, but I think I will be making a trip there this weekend to check it out and to ask them why they think more places don't offer Shabu-shabu or hotpot. There has to be a good reason, and I can't be the only person in town that would like to see more of it.

Do you know of another place that serves hotpot or Shabu-shabu? Please, let me know by commenting below this article on our FMX Facebook page. I'm on a mission to try them all.

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