It is apparent that my big fat cat has nothing better to do than attack my roommate's little chihuahua, which is driving a wedge between everyone in the household.

My cat Troodle's 10th birthday is coming up and I've decided I would like to create the most ultimate kitty city known to mankind, even if only in my mind, and I thought you guys might share some ideas with me. I don't just want to go grab a bunch of cat trees from Walmart and cram them together. I'm thinking I might actually build something.

I realized that since we moved into a new house, my cat hasn't had his normal stairs, we tossed his old cat tree, and he is likely torturing this innocent dog out of pure boredom.

So. That's where I'm at right now, and where you come in.

Here are a few ideas I have so far:

*Taco and bar with all the fixin's (he prefers nacho cheese, not shredded)

*Wash and dry station (Cat goes in one side dirty, comes out the other side soft and fluffy)

*Kitty cat poo shoot (automatically shoots the cat poo through a tube, much like the kind you would find at a bank drive-thru, and into the homes of my enemies)

*Official dog torture station (sorry, I'm backtracking a little bit, I know the purpose was to stop the dog torture, but, this is still a birthday present, and it is honestly what he would want....) equip with a small medieval torture rack with securing straps, and several small whips and chains.

I don't know guys. Do you think I'm asking too much? Do you have any ideas? What would you add to your ultimate kitty city? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook.


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