Sometimes life is full of surprises, and generally speaking, if you buy enough snacks you'll eventually get a really weird chip. I discovered what I've deemed Thicc Chip- and of course I posted it in one of my favorite Facebook Groups- wait a minute this isn't flavortown where the heck am i

Most of the comments I've gotten center around Thicc Chip's fans wanting me to eat it- maybe even to record an ASMR video of what would likely be the biggest CRONCH of all time. I'm scared the middle will be raw and give me hallucinations and/or diarrhea.

Here's some of my favorite comments:

-Shawty bigg thiccc

-When you put a whole corn into one chip I'm telling the corn gods

-Is this the fabled Doro? [referring to the fact that Doritos would translate to "little" Doro]

Blood of Jesus you’ve encountered a legendary chip

-Thanks I chipped my tooth looking at this pic

Also of great controversy was that the bag was "only" $2.29, when Santitas was $2 for years.

So...should I eat the chip and risk breaking my teeth, just to appease strangers on the internet? I'm still not sure.


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