The RockShow features a dumbass of the day every morning (on air and the FMX Facebook page), and today's was especially fun because the winner is a local.

Thirty-eight-year-old Nathaniel Hodgson of Lubbock was indicted by a Lubbock County Grand Jury for an aggravated robbery that took place way back in 2016. Nathaniel apparently needed some quick cash, and what better way to get it than stealing it from someone else. Screw working, right?

Old Nate allegedly headed over to the Wolfforth Valero just after 3:30 p.m. and robbed the clerk, handgun and all. According to KCBD, police said he took off on his motorcycle, heading east towards Lubbock, and wasn't caught until long after the fact.

Hodgson was identified through forensics and a series of interviews, and the fact that he was wearing a bright blue shirt at the time of the incident, emblazoned with the words "Tickle My Pickle."

Sometimes, I sit around and think about all of the things I've done wrong in my life. There are too many to count. But I never once robbed anyone at gunpoint in a stupid t-shirt. Life is long and you never know what might happen, but I'm going to make it a point to try very carefully not to do anything of that magnitude.

My RockShow co-host Wes Nessman thinks maybe the pickle shirt is just a good "Robbin' shirt," and perhaps we should buy a couple of them and set our sights on a different course. Or maybe you should just make sure you tune into The RockShow weekday mornings so we can keep our day jobs.

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